Turn Visitors into Returning Customers, Easily

Have you ever thought on how to get more business out of new and current visitors? I bet you did, and this is a very healthy thought!

Did you know that retaining a ” loyal customer” is 6 to 10 times cheaper than finding new ones?!

Nowadays you can be quite sure that your current and potential visitors are busy on Social Media. Like the rest of the world.
This means one thing: Potential business!

It is time to centralize and combine customer loyalty, social media and business into one solution! 

We welcome you to Announce.ly, where event organizers can increase business and loyalty with social media and their events!

Announcely is a succesful software, from the same people of Planspot.com. So we know the world events inside out.

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Event Marketing Just got Better


I got great news for you because today we introduce Announcely, a social marketing tool that is even more powerful for event marketing than Planspot.com! (Where we started with)

And we love to give you a try!

All you have to do is to send an email and we will get you going

To read more about Announcely for events, check out the event usecase here.

So what makes Announcely better for events?
Here are some key features that make Announcely amazing.
But please make sure you dont miss these features on our website


image Scheduling!

Sit down with a coffee to schedule all your social media posts in advance.

 image LinkedIn

Hooray! We added LinkedIn so you can reach people to attend your B2B event

 image Get to know your audience / get new leads

Instead of sending non-relevant mass-emails resulting in low opening rates, you can now send personalized emails to the right person at the right time, based on behavior. And of course: completely automated!  

 image Loyalty Programs

Announcely recognizes (potential) customers. This enable you to create loyalty programs that automatically enroll customers and get them to get back to your (next) event.  

image  Marketing Insights

Detailed insights show you how your campaign is doing, but also tell you what you did for that.  

image Automate (almost) Everything

You’re already busy enough with organizing your event. So use scheduling and set rules to automate your marketing

Let me know if you’d like to get access to Announcely. All you have to do is contact us (click)


Reinoud Tjallema
Marketing Manager, Announcely


Facebook modified newsfeed: A how to for Social marketers


Facebook announced their biggest modification for their newsfeed in March. These changes have a major impact on brands and how they engage with their fans on Facebook. So what are these changes and what is the best way for Social marketers to optimalise their content on the latest Newsfeed?

A lot of brands already know that pictures and visual content generate more interaction with their audience. Therefore the innovative Newsfeed is designed for a more advanced visual content to respond to this fact.

These are the most significant changes

  • The ability to filter different options.
    You can filter friends, pictures, brand pages, music and games.

  • The user experience will be consistent on platforms such as: mobile, tablet and desktop.

  • To generate more interaction, the postings will be more visual in terms of information and context.

  • The new ability to filter and the strong accentuation on visual content will have an effect on the way you optimize your brand on the Newsfeed.

Here are useful tips to work your way into the latest changes:

Short text

Use short text in the pictures, the text should be a short explanation for the user or a clear call to action.

Visually unique content

The best way to stand out from other brands and posts in the feed is to have a unique and original content. This is a very obvious advice, but there are still a lot of brands that don’t invest enough in this activity.

Combine Facebook and Pinterest

There will also be a lot more visibility on the new Newsfeed from other different parties such as Pinterest. Pinterest is such an important lead player in the visual content department, so it’s a good reason to also share photos via this platform.


As you may or may not have noticed, visual content is becoming a very powerful strategy for brands to stand out from their competition in the Newsfeed. With the help of original posts and effective images, there will be a good chance that the click through percentage will increase. Stay ahead of the game and give the visual content strategy a try!

Written by Rainny Mutter & Reinoud Tjallema

Planspot.com is an all-in-one event marketing dashboard to run campaigns across social media, press, mailings and media partners combined with powerful statistics. Want to try it? Don’t hesitate and give us a call  0031 (0)10-7370623 or mail us at reinoud@planspot.com

image image


Event Planners: To Outsource or Not to Outsoure?


A famous English Poet once said something like this, but today we give this a twist to the event world.

As an organization you might have noticed the importance of hosting an event. The question is whether to organize the event individually or do you hire an event planner? What are you going to do? We have listed the pros and cons of outsourcing an event planner.


  • Event agencies have extensive experience and are aware of the latest trends in the industry. There is a great possibility that the certain knowledge you need to host a high quality event is not fully present within your company.

  • An event planner has an objective view of the company. Therefore it’s much easier for them to put their finger on the stronger and weaker points of the organization so they can easily customize the event to your company’s style.

  • Event planners have an extensive network in the events industry. They know the right people and know where to get the needed supplies and often for better prices.

  • When you decide to host an event individually, keep in mind that it will take up a lot of time and you will have multiple responsibilities. The daily tasks may have to be put on hold, due to the extent of time it takes to organize an event.



  • A good briefing is necessary to meet up with the required wishes. This may take more time if the event planner is not familiar with your organization. They aren’t accustomed to the company’s style so therefore it’s going to take them longer to sense your desires.

  • You should take into account the expense of outsourcing the event. Despite the effective work of an event planner, the cost can be very high. Perhaps hedge the costs in advance?

An event can be as large or delicate as you want to realize it. Make notes of the required expertise, creativity, budget and risks. Whether you organize it individually or you outsource the event, make sure that it meets up with your desires and that you will achieve the best results.

Do you have any Pros and/or Cons of yourself? Share them with us.

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Have a great weekend.

Written by Rainny Mutter & Reinoud Tjallema

image image

Planspot.com is an all-in-one event marketing dashboard to run campaigns across social media, press, mailings and media partners combined with powerful statistics. Want to try it? Don’t hesitate and give us a call  0031 (0)10-7370623 or mail us at reinoud@planspot.com

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